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March, 2012

Startups need to be action-oriented

The new breed of web startups are increasingly action-oriented. A sort of leap before you look mentality. Maybe it’s because founders continue to get younger, maybe it’s because it’s getting less expensive (time-consuming) to build software, maybe it’s because it’s just better. I think it’s probably all three and perhaps that those of us that […]

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Great Mentor Lineup for Speed Mentoring

As you likely know, Friday June 1st is the North Bay Innovation Showcase at SSU. If you are an entreprenuer or you just have an idea, register now – this event is expected to be a sell out! At the event will be the first of what promises to be a regular occurrence - Speed Mentoring. What is Speed Mentoring you […]

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Funding the Venture

Undoubtedly the number 1 question people ask about starting up is how to raise money. Raising money is an important thing but it’s not the thing most entrepreneurs should be thinking about. I had a conversation yesterday and we discussed how entrepreneurs think CASH is their base need (think Maslow’s Hierarchy) but it’s not the base […]

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