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August, 2012

Roundup Tuesday August 21st 2012

Who are you looking for when you are looking for talent? As a business technologist one of the toughest things is hiring good tech people and you’ve seen how not to hire a developer. Startups: Stop Trying To Hire Ninja-Rockstar Engineers - Look for the right fit for your organization and strive to truly appreciate what […]

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Startup Stories and Tips – Roundup 8/17

How do you price your service? Do you understand how something goes viral? Have you ever used the phrase “critical-network-effect-mass”? Then you should read the articles below. What I Learned From Increasing My Prices - Finding the right price to maximize profitability is tricky and it’s not always about the lowest price. This is a great […]

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January 2013, San Francisco, California The Baylor University Entrepreneurship Program and USASBE are jointly sponsoring a student case writing competition in conjunction with USASBE’s annual meetings. This is an innovative international event that supports and encourages students who wish to engage in case research and writing. Submitted cases are suitable if they advance the field […]

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Run a university startup? Time to show off

This reposted from an email sent by Research Commercialization and SBIR Center Call for Nominations for the University Startups Showcase Nominations now open for the University Startups Showcase (USS) Nominate your best startups to present to the nation’s premier investors Access and fill-out the USS Nomination Form by clicking here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ussnomination Deadline for nominations is September 21, 2012 The National […]

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Roundup for Monday August 13th, 2012

Here are a couple tips for entrepreneurs from around the interwebs. What makes a video go viral -Turns out video quality isn’t that important, the key is picking the right ‘seeding agent’ to help get the social media engine cranking. Slow Down! How “Slow Work” Makes Us More Productive – There are a few good […]

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How to NOT recruit a developer

During my time in Seattle I joined a group called Seattle Tech Startups and continue to remain a part of it. It’s a terrific resource, something we may attempt to duplicate here, and it’s often quite entertaining. Below is a series of emails that were sent. It’s important for entrepreneurs, particularly those of us that […]

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Roundup for August 10th, 2012

With the launch of our new IgniteSSU.com site we’ll begin posting regular Roundups – or highlights – of the great content we come across on the web. Our hope is that we can curate some useful content and share it with you. 20 Rules for Lean User Experience Design – If you’re working on a […]

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