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How to NOT recruit a developer

During my time in Seattle I joined a group called Seattle Tech Startups and continue to remain a part of it. It’s a terrific resource, something we may attempt to duplicate here, and it’s often quite entertaining.

Below is a series of emails that were sent. It’s important for entrepreneurs, particularly those of us that aren’t on non-technical or non-coders, to remember to read our work from other people’s perspectives and avoid overhyping things, jargon, and lack of information. Learn from this experience.

I’ve removed names and modified slightly to preserve anonymity.

Message: 1
Subject: Looking for an awesome HTML/JS …

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for an awesome HTML/JS & C# web & mobile coder to join an early stage startup (for equity) with a terrific vision and team. If you’re interested, ping me at [removed-email] .

Message: 2

I would offer but I’m only a mediocre shell scripter and I like to work with startups with a crappy vision… I’ve never heard of the HTML/JS you speak of, and I’m sure all this mobile stuff is a passing fad. Also, I know I’m nuts, but I like working for money.
Message: 3

I think what [message 2] meant to say was: “People with that skillset are in
extremely high demand. If you don’t talk about what your startup is doing,
or even hint at the industry, it’s probably not going to draw many people

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