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Startup Stories and Tips – Roundup 8/17

How do you price your service? Do you understand how something goes viral? Have you ever used the phrase “critical-network-effect-mass”? Then you should read the articles below.

What I Learned From Increasing My Prices - Finding the right price to maximize profitability is tricky and it’s not always about the lowest price. This is a great case-study of how one service priced and presented their service offerings.

User Acquisition: Viral Factor Basics - Going Viral is a popular thing to talk about but do you know what it means? Do you know how to engineer virality (sure there’s some luck but there’s some smarts behind it too). This article hits on the ‘viral factor’ for calculating growth and how to get there.
Critical mass vs network effects - We all want our products to grow and be successful. Critical mass keeps something moving forward under it’s own momentum, network effects are the positive benefits to all enjoy thanks to the addition or just one more user… did you know there are anti-network effects?

Being a Developer Makes You Valuable. Learning How to Market Makes You Dangerous - As an entreprenuer that’s a Business Technologist I can tell you developers are a hot commodity. If you’re a developer you can become even more valuable to an employer, partner, or even you’re own startup by better learning to hustle – just a little.

Mechanics of a Small Acquisition - You hear about acquisitions all of the time but the reports are full of buzz words, incomplete data, and generally a fair amount of hearsay. This post gives you a look at things from the perspective of a recently exited entrepreneur.

We’ll wrap up the roundup with a little human psychology for the marketer or entrepreneur. The illusion of progress lights a fire - explores the “Goal Gradient Hypothesis” and why we do more of something when we’re close to completing a task i.e. sprint to the finish. This explains consumer behavior and part of why loyalty cards are effective.

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