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Roundup Tuesday August 21st 2012

Who are you looking for when you are looking for talent? As a business technologist one of the toughest things is hiring good tech people and you’ve seen how not to hire a developer.

Startups: Stop Trying To Hire Ninja-Rockstar Engineers - Look for the right fit for your organization and strive to truly appreciate what you’re looking for in a the right candidate. Save yourself and your potential candidates time by writing and detailed job description.

Thanks to the above post against hiring Rockstars I stumbled across Dev Bootcamp a concept that seems to be taking root in different tech hubs, that is a bootcamp education for would-be developers. It’s not exactly a CS degree but it’s more like becoming proficient in a foreign language and gives you the footing to be productive quickly then learn on the job.

Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From – This is a fascinating article particularly the piece about “decoy pricing” and the psychological effect it has on purchase behavior.

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