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What matters most in a startup? and other great posts – Roundup 10/15

It’s a common question that I hear, a common topic I hear investors discuss and like one of those areas that will never be fully agreed upon however Marc Andreessen has a great post about what is the most important thing in a startup – team, product or market. Here’s a hint, what’s your favorite typewriter manufacturer?  This is one of those rare posts that just pulls you along and gives you some unique perspective to ponder – READ IT!!!

We’ve found a great crop of articles to share with you today with a range of topics from building your team to building and pricing your product to managing growth. Enjoy!

Startup supporting organizations are getting merging, Startup Weekend Buys Startup Digest

A quality team is normally the first thing an investor looks at, but that can be easier said than done, what’s the downside to cofounding a startup?

Pricing is tough and often people think their price should be based on some target profit margin, with startups in general and tech in particular your costs really aren’t that important – your value is. How are you pricing your product?

Fundraising isn’t a sprint, be prepared to invest at least 3 months to raise money – likely more.

When was the last time you won a deal and you were not the lowest price solution? Don’t just compete on price.

Sure, you want to grow your company but stepping on the growth-gas isn’t always the best idea. How do you manage growth and are you being systematic about it?

We’re big fans of the lean approach, continue thinking about how to focus on what’s important and not on raising money to figure things out.

There are a bunch of reasons not to start a business, here are a few to review. Getting a job is just a lot easier.

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