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Roundup Saturday December 8 2012

The Worst Part about Being a Recruiter – Why You Failed Your Interview!” -  I like finding articles about the interview process because it helps me to think about interviews from multiple perspectives.  This article is great because it reminds us that interviewees should focus their efforts on fulfilling the needs of hiring managers.  This sounds obvious but I think that anyone that is going into an interview should be reminded of the importance of fulfilling the job requirement.

This post might be useful for anyone thinking of a small business.   “4 Ways to Organize New Ideas and Drive Innovation“  Organization is important for a startup.  I think that students should work on being organized with their thoughts in order to have a better chance at creating a successful startup.

The Biggest Trends in Business for 2013” – This article has links to some other articles about projections of future business.  I especially liked the article “The Workspace of the Future“.  I am excited to see how innovation changes the business world of 2013.


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