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Start-up Funding On Campus, Classmates as Beta Testers, and Thinking Like a Designer for Innovation

Lately I have been thinking about the hindrances for students to create a business in college.  I found a couple articles written by entrepreneurs that are still in college and posted them for this week.  I also threw the last one in because of my interest in design. 

“One of the quickest ways to dash an aspiring entrepreneur’s start-up hopes is a lack of funds” – Karim Abouelnaga.  Funding makes innovative ideas come to life.  Most students do not have the money to put in hundreds or even thousands of dollars into their idea while they have to worry about their own expenses.  The post “6 Ways to Land Start-Up Funding on Campus” has some creative ways to raise money for a startup.  I think that number 3 is the most important one on the list because it could dramatically cut costs

There are perks of being an entrepreneur while still in college.  The article “3 Tips for Turning Your Classmates into Beta Thinkers” talks about ways that student run businesses can get useful information for their startup from other students.  It is pretty easy to talk to students just by hanging out around campus.  I have approached students to find their opinions of entrepreneurship and innovation, it would be just as easy to talk about

Innovative thinking requires creative ideas.  Having a design mindset can help think of new things to create.  The post  “How Thinking Like a Designer Can Inspire Innovation” shows four ways that you can use a design mentality to your advantage.  I especially like number two because innovation should be solving the right problems.

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