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“Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Videos of 2012″, “What You Really Need Is A Market, Not An Idea”, “What is Your Definition of Entrepreneur?”

Hey guys. I apologize for not keeping up with the blog posts for a couple weeks. Posts will continue to be on a weekly basis. Welcome back to school SSU students! This will be an exciting semester for entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur Society will officially start meeting within a couple weeks (I will give more information about the society in future posts). If you are not a student, there is still much to learn about entrepreneurship through these posts.

I found this article at the end of last year but wasn’t able to post it. “Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Videos of 2012” has great videos of entrepreneurs and investors. I like Gary Vaynerchuk’s video (number 2). Vaynerchuk became successful with a video blog about wine on youtube called Wine Library TV. In this video, he talks about his upbringing and how he was a natural born entrepreneur. If you have time, i suggest that you watch all of them.

Great ideas for business are not only ideas that people are excited about but also include a market for the idea. The post “What You Really Need Is A Market, Not An Idea” talks about some old methods for thinking of ideas in a startup and why they are no good for business. Finn makes a great analogy comparing markets and industries to people.

Entrepreneur is a very complex word. It is hard to pronounce, confusing, and has many negative connotations associated with it. The word concept of an entrepreneur interests me because there are many different interpretations and definitions. If I asked one hundred different people to what their definition of entrepreneur is, I would probably get about one hundred different answers. To prove my point, check out the article “What is your definition of entrepreneur?” The article is very short but I encourage you to read some of the comments and ask yourself what your definition of an entrepreneur is. I think of an entrepreneur as someone that sees a better way of doing something and is willing to work to change it.

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