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Three Things Investors Want to Hear in a Pitch

I had the privilege of having Jonathan Sposato visit one of my entrepreneurship classes while I was getting my MBA from the Foster School. It was back when he had sold but one company to Google, in the time since he sold Picnik to Google making him the only person to sell two companies to Google.

In a recent post at GeekWire, a Seattle-based entrepreneurship news-site, Jonathan highlights the three things he looks for in a pitch – You can read the entire article at http://www.geekwire.com/2013/startup-jedi-3-phrases-vc-angel-hear-pitch (Warning: there is some language from 500-Startups founder Dave McClure). To paraphrase Jonathan:

  1. Confidence
  2. Other quality investors
  3. A sound use of proceeds

While those three descriptors are accurate I love that he doesn’t just want confidence but that he wants an entrepreneur confident that they “will crush this” and he references a New York Time Study which suggested “there’s a very thin line that separates the personality of a promising entrepreneur from a person whom psychiatrists might say needs some therapy.”

I’m sure my wife would agree with that and it’s true that many friends of mine think I should ‘get a real job’ but the truth is that for entrepreneurs we’re exactly where we want to be. But it’s that confidence or faith to make the previously unreal-real that drives us and that inspires investors to come along side us for what’s sure to be a bumpy journey.

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