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“A New Way To Think About Analytics”, “How YouTube Went From Startup to the World’s Largest Video-Sharing Site”, and “The Winners of Entrepreneur of 2012″

This week, I found some interesting articles that talk about the successes of startups. I love reading about how Youtube and Twitter are constantly improving. Also, I put in an article highlighting young entrepreneurs including Entrepreneur of 2012: Limor Fried. I hope you like them!

Analytics can be frustrating for startups. The article “A New Way to Think About Analytics” talks about properly using analytics. In the latter half of the article are examples of Airbnb, Analtics.js, and Twitter are used to show how to properly use analytics.

Successful business are not built overnight but some become very successful in a short amount of time. The article “How YouTube Went From Startup to the World’s Largest Video-Sharing Site” shows the timeline of the website YouTube. YouTube started in 2005 and is now dominates other Video-Sharing websites. It is crazy to thin know YouTube has changed the world and it has only been in existence for seven years.

The article “The Winners of Entrepreneur of 2012” highlights three entrepreneurs, including Entrepreneur of 2012 Limor Fried. Fried is the founder of Adafruit which focuses on teaching the world about electronics in a fun way. The articles aren’t terribly long, so I hope that you read all of them.

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