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“Ask forgiveness, not permission”, “How agile should your startup be?”, and “Five Tricks for Remembering Names”

It is a continuous battle for me to balance posting articles that are very techy/geeky and ones that are self-help/motivational. They are both important and fun to read but I do not want to post too much of each extreme. I have included some motivational articles as well as some technical ones for this week. Also, I would like to ask for some feedback from you guys. What do you like or dislike about the articles that I have been posting? What topics would you like to learn more about? Feel free to email me at eliab@seawolf.sonoma.edu with your questions and comments.

Asking for permission for every task can be a waste of time for a startup. The article “Ask forgiveness, not permission” talks about the startup AngelList where asking for forgiveness, not permission is part of their policy. The key to this policy is personal responsibility. I think that the idea can greatly help the startup team. However, I think that a great amount of trust and cohesion is necessary before implementing this.

Do you know the three different categories of software development methods? If not, check out the article “How agile should your startup be?“. These categories are important to know if you want to make a software in the future or you are doing it now.

I usually have trouble remembering people’s names within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone. The article “Five Tricks for Remembering Names” give some pointers to remember names. Even though this article doesn’t talk about startups, I think it is important for everyone to master remembering people’s names.

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