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March, 2013

Which investors will invest in your startup, pricing and more

The whole “I need to raise money” thing is an interesting topic. As I’ve mentioned before, most entrepreneurs think raising money is their base need when in reality it’s usually something else (or could be done by someone else if you convinced them they should). I borrowed this graphic from Gabriel Weinberg and think that […]

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“Create More Value Than You Capture”, “Angels in America: A Look at Angel Investment Growth Across the U.S.”, and “Marc Ecko on Entrepreneurship as an Art Form”

Hi everyone. This week I have included some interesting videos that I enjoyed watching and a great infographic that makes me optimistic about getting funding from investors. If you did not get a chance to attend The Entrepreneur Society’s first official meeting, that is okay. You can come to one of our other weekly meetings […]

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Finding a Cofounder and Pitching Your Business – Both Critical and Challenging

In my journey’s as an entrepreneur I’ve had the opportunity to recruit a cofounder, break up, and recruit another… and break up and recruit another. Locable is over four years in the making and has gone through a number of distinct phases – I wouldn’t call them pivots as they’re part of the maturation I expected but […]

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“Failing Until You Succeed”, “Have Tools To Launch Your Startup From Idea to Exit”, “Early Evidence Is Often Too Early And Not Really Evidence”

Hi everyone. I hope that you enjoy the articles and video I have included this week. Sonoma State University’s new Entrepreneur In Residence Mark Nelson will be at the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster on March 8th from 3-5pm. He will be talking to The Entrepreneur Society about his own experiences as an entrepreneur. Everyone is […]

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