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“Create More Value Than You Capture”, “Angels in America: A Look at Angel Investment Growth Across the U.S.”, and “Marc Ecko on Entrepreneurship as an Art Form”

Hi everyone. This week I have included some interesting videos that I enjoyed watching and a great infographic that makes me optimistic about getting funding from investors. If you did not get a chance to attend The Entrepreneur Society’s first official meeting, that is okay. You can come to one of our other weekly meetings or drop by during office hours. Check out the website www.ssutrepsociety.com. Have a great week.

Entreprenuers should focus on bringing value to customers and not caught up in making money for the shareholders. Tim O’Reilly talks to Stanford in his talk “Create More Value Than You Capture“. O’Reilly talks about the Square app and how it brings value to businesses and customers. Entrepreneurs that emphasize social responsibility might not make the most money but bring value to customers in the long run. The reason I am interested in entrepreneurship is that I want to make a positive impact where I see problems in the world. I hope that you feel the same way.

The number of Angel investors and the amount of cash exchange between investors and entrepreneurs has significantly increased since 2001. The infographic in the article “Angels in America: A Look at Angel Investment Growth Across the U.S.” has important information about Angel investing. The numbers show that entrepreneurs have a higher chance of receiving funding now compared to ten years ago. I hope that a higher probability of being funded will

Entrepreneurs are often thought of as risk-takers, business owners, innovators, and many other things. Marc Ecko, founder of Ecko Unltd, believes that all Entrepreneurs are artists. He talks about this in “Marc Eckō on Entrepreneurship as an Art Form“. I like this approach because it made me think about entrepreneurship in a way that I had not thought of it before. Like artists, entrepreneurs need to focus on the emotional impact of their overall purpose.

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