Igniting Startups On and Around SSU

Because it takes a village

About Ignite SSU

Starting a company is hard requiring passion, diligence, intuition, innovation, effective networking and luck. Ignite SSU is part of the School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University and is here to help you become more proficient; fill in the gaps in your knowledge or team; and, where possible, find the shortcuts.

In a nutshell our objective is to fosterencourage and support entrepreneurship and innovation on and around the SSU campus. To this end, we will provide:

For Students:

  • Empower students to succeed professionally via training, networking, team building and problem solving activities that complement classroom education – the practical application side of things
  • Build your resume with real-world experience & stand-out in interviews by broadening your perspectives
    • Internships and projects
    • Seminars and Workshops to enhance your skills
    • Weekly digests to keep you in the know (subscribe to receive these using the form to the right)
  • Learn how to network effectively for professional development & under your role & responsibilities this entails
    • Networking events that build relationships around fun activities and events including “game night”
  • Case Competitions builds critical thinking skills, develops ability to practically apply classroom education, incorporates a framework for communicating your ideas in writing and via presentations

For Professionals:

  • A place to find talented people with complementary skillsets
  • A place to find interns, or internships depending on which side of the fence you’re on, or post micro-internships i.e. small finite projects requiring specific skills
  • Skill-building workshops & mentoring to advance your career and your startup
  • Pitch coaching and support

For Everyone:

  • Entrepreneurship-focused and general business best-practices bootcamps
  • An ever evolving list of great web based resources for the active innovator and would-be startuper
  • Networking events, game nights, pitch nights, local professional events, and more.

Think of us as the Cliff’s Notes for the Real-World to connect students and professionals with information they need to know to be able to discuss current events and further the application of classroom or previous education.

Not an Entrepreneur? We’re looking for mentors, advisors, investors, industry experts, and anyone interested in growing the startup community in the North Bay.

Part of our goal is to profile thought leaders to share their stories as well as curate the best of going on in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. We’re looking for guest bloggers to share some insight, perspective, or expertise while building their brand and gaining influence locally.  If you are interested in writing a guest blog post, contact Dan Eliab at eliab@seawolf.sonoma.edu

Want to connect offline? Brian Ostrovsky is the Entrepreneurship Teaching Fellow and is happy to talk any and all things entrepreneurial

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