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Finding a Cofounder and Pitching Your Business – Both Critical and Challenging

In my journey’s as an entrepreneur I’ve had the opportunity to recruit a cofounder, break up, and recruit another… and break up and recruit another. Locable is over four years in the making and has gone through a number of distinct phases – I wouldn’t call them pivots as they’re part of the maturation I expected but […]

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“Ask forgiveness, not permission”, “How agile should your startup be?”, and “Five Tricks for Remembering Names”

It is a continuous battle for me to balance posting articles that are very techy/geeky and ones that are self-help/motivational. They are both important and fun to read but I do not want to post too much of each extreme. I have included some motivational articles as well as some technical ones for this week. […]

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“What is it like to be a startup founder”, “The 10 most important things I learned launching a startup”, and “Bootstrapping a business: 7 Rules for Success”

Hello everyone. I am very excited about the opportunities for entrepreneurs this semester at SSU. The Entrepreneur Society will have its first meeting on Friday of the first week of March. The society is a community of entrepreneurs that seek business knowledge outside of the standard classroom setting. It is important to develop your entrepreneurial […]

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What matters most in a startup? and other great posts – Roundup 10/15

It’s a common question that I hear, a common topic I hear investors discuss and like one of those areas that will never be fully agreed upon however Marc Andreessen has a great post about what is the most important thing in a startup – team, product or market. Here’s a hint, what’s your favorite typewriter manufacturer?  This […]

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Roundup Thursday September 20th 2012

It might be overwhelming for introverts to meet a large amount of people in a short amount of time.  However, it is very important to attend network events even if it is uncomfortable.  The post “The Introvert’s Networking Survival Guide: Large Events” gives some pointers to any introvert that dreads attending networking events. One of […]

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Run a university startup? Time to show off

This reposted from an email sent by Research Commercialization and SBIR Center Call for Nominations for the University Startups Showcase Nominations now open for the University Startups Showcase (USS) Nominate your best startups to present to the nation’s premier investors Access and fill-out the USS Nomination Form by clicking here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ussnomination Deadline for nominations is September 21, 2012 The National […]

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How to NOT recruit a developer

During my time in Seattle I joined a group called Seattle Tech Startups and continue to remain a part of it. It’s a terrific resource, something we may attempt to duplicate here, and it’s often quite entertaining. Below is a series of emails that were sent. It’s important for entrepreneurs, particularly those of us that […]

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2012 North Bay Innovation Showcase Recap

The 2012 North Bay Innovation Showcase was a big success and served it’s purpose as part of the evolution from a series of events to an ongoing program. For those of you who weren’t able to attend the opening hour or so was focused on networking. While networking is always valuable I wanted to try something different […]

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Great Mentor Lineup for Speed Mentoring

As you likely know, Friday June 1st is the North Bay Innovation Showcase at SSU. If you are an entreprenuer or you just have an idea, register now – this event is expected to be a sell out! At the event will be the first of what promises to be a regular occurrence - Speed Mentoring. What is Speed Mentoring you […]

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North Bay iHub Business Plan Competition

It’s that time of year again, the North Bay iHub has made a call for startups and wanna-be’s to register for their 2012 Business Plan Competition. Competitions are a great way to accelerate your startup, in addition to giving you some hard deadlines the feedback helps refine the concept and with this year’s iHub competition there […]

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