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Start-up Funding On Campus, Classmates as Beta Testers, and Thinking Like a Designer for Innovation

Lately I have been thinking about the hindrances for students to create a business in college.  I found a couple articles written by entrepreneurs that are still in college and posted them for this week.  I also threw the last one in because of my interest in design.  “One of the quickest ways to dash […]

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Roundup Saturday December 8 2012

“The Worst Part about Being a Recruiter – Why You Failed Your Interview!” -  I like finding articles about the interview process because it helps me to think about interviews from multiple perspectives.  This article is great because it reminds us that interviewees should focus their efforts on fulfilling the needs of hiring managers.  This […]

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Roundup Saturday November 24 2012

The post “How to Get Startup Ideas” talks about the correct way to think about an idea for a startup.  The best way to come up with an idea is to think about a problem to solve rather than to think of a way to solve a problem that nobody has. “Top 25 Graduate Programs […]

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Roundup Thursday November 15 2012

There are many attributes, skills, and abilities that companies should look for in order to hire an effective team.  It might be hard to know exactly what kind of personality traits a company needs.  The post “The Seven People You Need to Succeed in Business Today” talks about the important roles that need to be […]

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Roundup Thursday November 8 2012

Anyone that is interested in owning their own business should learn about the Lean Startup.  Lean has been borrowed from Lean Manufacturing and is now applied to entrepreneurship.  The post “Get Lean to Achieve Radical Success” summarizes the Lean Startup.  I highly recommend the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.  Ries talks about using […]

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Roundup Thursday November 1 2012

“Lessons from Leaders: How JBoss did it” – David Skok talks about the success of the company JBoss.  JBoss went from gaining $1 million in profits a year to receiving $65 million in an annualized bookings run rate per year and were acquired for $350 million and an earnout of $70 million. Marketing is essential […]

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Roundup Thursday October 25 2012

Procrastination of important tasks for your business, school work, and personal life is not the best approach when facing difficult situations.  Aaron Swartz’s article “Lean into the pain” stresses the importance of practicing the intimidating tasks of your life in order to strengthen yourself.  He uses an example of merging in software development to make […]

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Roundup Thursday October 18 2012

“Traveling the world, meeting startups: What We learned” – Interesting post about entrepreneurs around the world.  Way talks about the strengths, opportunities, and accomplishments of foreign startups. A work-life balance does not always mean equal amounts of time working and not working.  Yin talks about the subjectivity of balancing life and work in the post: […]

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What matters most in a startup? and other great posts – Roundup 10/15

It’s a common question that I hear, a common topic I hear investors discuss and like one of those areas that will never be fully agreed upon however Marc Andreessen has a great post about what is the most important thing in a startup – team, product or market. Here’s a hint, what’s your favorite typewriter manufacturer?  This […]

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Roundup Friday October 12 2012

“A Crash Course in Information & Visual Design” – Knowledge in visual design and information design is necessary in order to create a website.  This post touches base on different methods of design. The post “What are your SEO keywords doing?” talks about the benefits of thinking of creative ways to improve SEO optimization through […]

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