Igniting Startups On and Around SSU

Because it takes a village

People and Companies to Follow

There are a lot of smart people out there, here are some worth following who will bring the relevant info to you:

Brad Feld - He’s innovation focused and rather political in his support of startups.

Fred Wilson - An NYC VC, also active in support of startups

Mark Suster - Serial entrepreneur turned VC. Balanced perspective with a personal focus on product/marketing.

Guy Kawasaki – Venture capitalist and thought leader on effectively starting companies.

Seth Godin - Smart guy, very action oriented, eclectic and eccentric. Really great insights for anyone looking for insightful thought starters.

Dave McClure – Multiple successful ventures, VC, founder of 500 Startups

Other Startup Blogs & List-servs

37 Signals

  • http://37signals.com/svn/

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