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“Ask forgiveness, not permission”, “How agile should your startup be?”, and “Five Tricks for Remembering Names”

It is a continuous battle for me to balance posting articles that are very techy/geeky and ones that are self-help/motivational. They are both important and fun to read but I do not want to post too much of each extreme. I have included some motivational articles as well as some technical ones for this week. […]

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“What is it like to be a startup founder”, “The 10 most important things I learned launching a startup”, and “Bootstrapping a business: 7 Rules for Success”

Hello everyone. I am very excited about the opportunities for entrepreneurs this semester at SSU. The Entrepreneur Society will have its first meeting on Friday of the first week of March. The society is a community of entrepreneurs that seek business knowledge outside of the standard classroom setting. It is important to develop your entrepreneurial […]

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Roundup Thursday September 20th 2012

It might be overwhelming for introverts to meet a large amount of people in a short amount of time.  However, it is very important to attend network events even if it is uncomfortable.  The post “The Introvert’s Networking Survival Guide: Large Events” gives some pointers to any introvert that dreads attending networking events. One of […]

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